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Where's my order?

  • We are working hard to complete all orders. We are still making orders day and night and cannot give an exact quote on when the order will be shipped but you will receive the tracking email the day it ships out and everything's made to order from scratch and heat sealed. The order status on our website is not an indicator of where orders are in line. We changed all orders from awaiting process to processing to ensure customers orders were received. We deeply apologize for the delay, this surge was unexpected for us and as a small business we did not have the resources readily at hand to expand as quickly as the viral attention gave us. Each day our process gets faster and we understand any and all frustration. As far as communication we do not have a dedicated customer service person it is myself or my husband so I apologize for the delay in responding to your emails, DMs,calls or texts. We ask for some grace during this time and please do not hold this against small businesses. If you need to cancel, please email for further assistance, but please know we are unable to confirm an exact shipping date.We can promise you this though, they are worth the wait!

Are your products vegan? 

  • Our company is 100% vegan and all products are free from any animal products. (Yes that means no dairy, eggs and 100% delicious)


Do any products have nuts? 

  • Currently we are a 100% nut free company and our milk of choice is soy. Our goal is to stay away from the major nut milks to allow people with nut allergies to enjoy our products. If anything changes we will be sure to include those updates to our site.

  • None of our products include any coconut

Do you use artificial flavoring?

  • Only our red velvet donuts use vegan food coloring, but all other products are naturally flavored!

How are the desserts packaged? 

  • All our products are heat sealed and packaged in duos or individually for brownies / cinnamon roll orders.


How long do your desserts last? 

  • All products are baked fresh and packaged the same day for orders. All desserts last for one week and you can refrigerate or freeze to keep fresher longer

Can you make a custom order?

  • We appreciate you thinking of us for your special occasion! Hopefully in the future with more staffing we can expand to create custom orders for our customers but at this time we are not able to.

Do you have Sugar Free or Gluten Free products?

  • Our Classic OG (Original Glaze) donut comes in Gluten Free and we sell a GF brownie mix. Stay tuned for sugar free products. Sign up for our email alerts to stay updated!


Do you ship? 

  • Of course! We are an online bakery, we do not have a physical location. We bake out of a commercial kitchen and ship our desserts directly to you!  


Can I send a personalized message with my order? 

  • Currently we do not have a feature on our website, and we are still a growing business (less than 4 employees) so we do not have the bandwidth at this time to personalize orders.

I’m in San Antonio, do you have a physical location so I can pick them up? 

  • We are 100% online so we do not do any pick up orders, we hope to get back out to farmers markets and events around the U.S again once this Covid19 pandemic is over. 


Is there a certain time to order? 

  • You can place an order 24/7! We ship out daily Monday-Friday through UPS. We do not ship after 5pm Friday and the weekend to avoid package delays from no mail going out Sundays.

  • Update as of 6/28/2020- Due to overwhelming support and surge of orders (THANK YOU!!!) orders will be shipped out as soon as we can, we have been a staff of myself and my husband and now have grown to a team of 4. As always orders are baked and shipped fresh, so please do not worry about maintaining freshness! We cannot guarantee any delivery dates and we appreciate all the love and support more than you guys know!


How do you ship? 

  • All shipping now through UPS or FedEx to be able to keep our shipping costs low. We offer flat rate shipping of $7.99 no matter the size of your order and free shipping over $75 after any discounts are applied.  Reminder shipping costs is typically ranges between $10-20 per order so we take the majority of the shipping costs on to allow for lower shipping rates.

Can my promo code be added after I placed my order?

  • We are unable to add promo codes after your order has been placed. Please sign up for our email alerts and you will be the first to know about any promotions!


What happens if my product is damaged in transit? 

  • All products are sealed and packaged and quality checked to ensure the package is intact. Once the packages are picked up by the transportation service we are not responsible for any breakage during the shipping process. 


My donuts arrived and the glaze melted, can I have a refund?

  •  Our glaze does melt in transit due to the weather but most of our customers say it makes them extra moist! There is no way to keep the glaze from not melting during shipping. so we are unable to offer any refunds for this.

Do you send tracking information? 

  • Yes all orders do receive an email with the tracking number to the email provided on the order when the order is shipped.


How do I cancel my order?  

  • We cannot guarantee your order will be able to be canceled. Please send any cancellation requests within 24 hours or questions to our customer service email with your order # or reply back to order confirmation at 

  • If shipping label has been sent out the shipping cost would be deducted from refund.


How can I contact you?

  • We are still a growing company so we do not have a designated customer service representative, the fastest way to contact us is our customer service email

  • DM’s on social media are not regularly checked by ownership so your question may be missed and we do not have a designated person to answer the phones, please email us.

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