We are working hard to complete all orders. We are still making orders day and night and cannot give an exact quote on when the order will be shipped but you will receive the tracking email the day it ships out and everything's made to order from scratch and heat sealed. The order status on our website is not an indicator of where orders are in line. We changed all orders from awaiting process to processing to ensure customers orders were received. 



We deeply apologize for the delay, this surge was unexpected for us and as a small business we did not have the resources readily at hand to expand as quickly as the viral attention gave us. Each day our process gets faster and we understand any and all frustration. As far as communication we do not have a dedicated customer service person it is myself or my husband so I apologize for the delay in responding to your emails, DMs,calls or texts. We ask for some grace during this time and please do not hold this against small businesses. If you need to cancel, please email southernrootsnationwide@gmail.com for further assistance, but please know we are unable to confirm an exact shipping date.


We can promise you this though, they are worth the wait!

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